Friday, November 2, 2012

My Message To You........Yesheey (Phongme PS)

My Mingro! Bravo….. I cherish thy articles,
I felt like in heaven as I go through it,
Varieties are thy poems!
And simplicity is they uniqueness…

In thy flowery articles
I had marked the sparrow’s sheets…
It may paint it nice or may it spoils
Thy goodness…

Plz… take extra care… n if ur heart n grammar accept,
Then try to change … otherwise it is fine as is it good.
I had a thorough reading of ur articles
On 1/11/12 – early morning on my bed.     

Your two acrostic poems, ur breaking news in the call,

The nightmare, thanking ur lecturer, the spring
seasons are my chosen choise.

So my message to “U” :- good writers are not born,
they r made: so keep on writing…… ur frend…

                                                                   Yesheeey… Radhi MSS

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