Friday, November 2, 2012

My Message To You........Yesheey (Phongme PS)

My Mingro! Bravo….. I cherish thy articles,
I felt like in heaven as I go through it,
Varieties are thy poems!
And simplicity is they uniqueness…

In thy flowery articles
I had marked the sparrow’s sheets…
It may paint it nice or may it spoils
Thy goodness…

Plz… take extra care… n if ur heart n grammar accept,
Then try to change … otherwise it is fine as is it good.
I had a thorough reading of ur articles
On 1/11/12 – early morning on my bed.     

Your two acrostic poems, ur breaking news in the call,

The nightmare, thanking ur lecturer, the spring
seasons are my chosen choise.

So my message to “U” :- good writers are not born,
they r made: so keep on writing…… ur frend…

                                                                   Yesheeey… Radhi MSS

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Please be friend with animal..........................

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My perspective on ‘Gross National Happiness’

 “Self awareness is the root that abide GNH insight-fully”

When I perceived what GNH-is? It comes to my mind that, “Self-awareness- knowing of once thoughts and then actions- is Gross National Happiness.” You would never realize the happiness for you and for all, hadn’t there been the thoughts to realize within you- the first of all. You are what you think and thinking makes it so what the other is-‘you and around you’. Therefore, GNH is every there in the hearts of Bhutanese citizens from heaven to down to earth. Here is the most exciting analogy;                                                                                                                                                                                                          
“Once below a time, in my village, there was a man, very old, very poor and no family.
 He stayed in a shack with enough food for him once in a while-
 But he sings in throated ease all every evening.
 For me, it was irritating and disgusting to hear all the time for- having to rise early the next morning for chores, 
 BUT he never seemed tired in his singing.
Then, one day with frown on my forehead,
I visited his shack and asked the wrecked man shouting,“Why do you sing every evening?” The old man smiled in wrinkled faced and replied;

“I sing because I am ‘HAPPY’ there is nothing to worry about me myself although I am poor, I realized the worth of living the life ‘Simple’.”

So, Gross National Happiness is ‘breath’ in the lives of every happy citizen who are enlightened with the worth of “Self-realization” and who could balanced the spiritual and the materialistic in a way we live. After I encountered with this lucky old man, then comes to my thought that GNH is fundamental realization for every people who could accounts “Self-awareness,” at the basic level of its domains and pillars. It let me grow professionally in every situation as a teacher and I try every possible ways to account that GNH is really the fundamental growth of every citizens, institutions, communities, nations and as a whole the globe. And in a brief notes, the GNH practices in my school are vividly jolted down below;

Tongling Community Primary School- the one who incorporates GNH intensively is under Radhi Gewog in Trashigang Dzongkhag.  It is roughly six kilometers away above the Rangjung temple (Zangdogpelri) by farm-road. It parched in the middle of the villages of Tongling Tangphrang, Pam and Dungye Goenpa. From the school site we could panoramically view over the villages of Radhi, Saling, Yabrang and Phimpsong towards the north with numerous greenly wrinkled terraces all over the valleys.    

Though the school is in the middle of the villages, it faced drastically acute shortage of enrolment early over the years. And at present only thirty-eight students without a principal and teachers amazingly run the school successfully like the “surviving fetus” together towards the fulfillment of the visions and missions of the school and the educational policies besides its’ numerous.

Practically, at every occasions of the school in every sphere, teachers and students find very chance to implement the roots of GNH holistically. Its main academic block are greatly affected by the September, 2009 earthquakes and only a office, library cum classroom, science room and  another class is being regularized in the main block. And all other classes are being done in the temporary shades and other two in the UNICEF tents donated to the school in the year 2009, which are so old so precious.

Although there might be lot of difficulties and problems in the school atmosphere, the initiatives taken by the school is a real path towards fulfilling what GNH practice is in the school. As a limelight towards the practices of GNH in my school, the officiating principal of the school had mentioned the followings in a nutshell during the first ‘teacher-parents meeting’ this year:“I would boost to mention that GNH practices in our school starts with dawn to dusk. With ‘mucus- flowing- child’ having to rise early in the morning and walking the kissing-slopes. Attending the daily mantras of different teachers in varied subjects, where in every field, every parts of GNH are being implemented. Some would be in the varied form in the academic, co-curricular activities, culture activities, community services, disaster management, gardening, agriculture and caring of environment- practicing GNH physically cum psycho-socially. And meditations, value-talks and counseling are being practiced in order to enhance enlightened self-awareness to mention a few. ”

Parents were curious and inquisitive, so to hear GNH, the Gyelyong Gaki Pelzom. And the school was at the dawn stage of infusing the concept of GNH at all levels. When it comes to the administration of the school, it was all to concern with the resourced and experienced leader for the administration but we insightfully understand how the school is well organized its day to day functions if we could observe it holistically.
“A bird without its feathers and the school without its experienced leader would greatly hinder while come to administrative and the functioning of the daily school days,” the chicken hearted-chicks doubted. With only one fresh regular teacher, two NCT-teachers and a NFE instructor in the late-beginning of the year which clicked their minds with the question again and again, “Can GNH be practiced and incorporate in our school too?” A very grand sermon of meeting were held with five members by the school authority and every body questioned and were skeptical whether practicing GNH in our school would be the waste of time and lukewarm interest showed when the officiating principal of the school first informed the teachers. The reason was only that the strength of the school would be too little and too small to understand fully what GNH is. But later as time passed by, as united as we stand and divided us we fall, we the inexperienced staff after fully equipped with the roots of GNH in the SBIP (School Based In service Program) in one Saturday, every body took initiative to embrace it step by step. Then all started planning accordance to the new policy. And when everything changed, the shouldering of responsibility too changed in a positive way. Even the day time tables were reshuffled and new efforts geared -up.

Early in the morning social works were coordinated in a responsible way. Then in every assembly, the ‘Teacher on Duty,’ were made to talk at least a few lines related to GNH. One major change was that just before the first periods, students were made to spend sitting on the ground floor (mats floor) for at least a minutes in meditation as well ‘silent sitting,’ and at the end of the school day right after the prayers. For whole day in every lesson, all teachers try to incorporate GNH as one of the objective to be fulfilled. It has great impact on the students for understanding and for the teachers as well.

Besides that every effort are made to educate the students holistically. Time given for the academic is the foremost, almost eighty percent and the co-curricular activities and social wellbeing responsibilities such as making dustbins in the school and in and around the villages, cleaning of water sources, helping individuals when in need and others too are a few to mention above.

 In the meeting all the teachers agreed and promised that the time will be sacrificed for the students sack if not what is meant for the students, and that was what our actions too. All are zero used in ‘paddling’ and this was one of the significant steps that were taken by the school authority.  Although in the beginning it was hard to follow, it was never out of the teachers’ mind and now I would boost to say that perhaps, my school would be the one where paddling was completely stopped besides just as a policy.

The root of GNH was once again infused to the colleagues when I quote, “If the teacher uses sticks in the classroom, it is his’/her’ weakness but not students. And it is shameful to paddle the students who are helpless but, victimized by the perceived mistaken authority.”  Teachers at my school does not even use as a last resort ‘the paddling,’ but the positive reinforcement, attitudes, infusing positive values and various kinds of tactics and techniques were being executed instead.  Prices and praise for the good students,their good conducts and deeds, their good behaviors and actions are being appreciated with, where by every students were derived towards it. 

Writing magazines and articles are encouraged; best were selected and awarded prizes. Those who show least interest were then moved and encouraged. Sometimes, our roads towards the perfection are being blocked by the queue vehicles behind and in the front making one unmovable. We can’t fly, we can’t evacuate the bulldozer blocks and are helpless, But I felt our determination to proceed the way towards is not gushed out. We look front and back, pressed the patience break to be cleared. And when it was cleared we accelerate and then proceed in unprecedented speed. Which means, we always focused towards the positive goal for the fulfillment of practicing the GNH practically in the school atmosphere. When teachers were in critical situations, they let the students to promise what they are asked to do and not what are unasked. So practicing GNH at every walks of life demand at the beginning and so conditioned later. 

 “What is paper?” I showed and asked in one of the early assembly. And all the students looked casually and least bothered them but it bothered me so deeply and provoked them saying “It is just a piece of paper and a little garbage. But if we are not cautious of it then one day it would let lose the pristine natural environment that we have. ” So, I made all the students to catch their little pair of ears and made them promised not to throw the garbage which litters areas and let them pick up the papers where ever and when ever they come across.

This I felt, was one of the effective ways to implement GNH at all levels and could improve in many ways.
So lastly, we would always continue to enhance the practicality of GNH at every level of the society as a whole. That is my perspective on what Gross National Happiness is?

Yeshi Dorji